Sport Legs

Cutting Line with Sportlegs

Sportlegs Reverse


Important Information

Indications : Supports optimal function of your body’s lactic acid energy transfer system. With calcium to build and maintain good bone health. Premium natural-source ingredients are balanced to enhance absorption and stabilized to maintain potency.

Ingredients : Plant cellulose (vegetable capsule), gluten-free modified cornstarch and sucrose (stabilizers), sodium ascorbate and dl-alpha-tocopherol (antioxidants), vegetable oil triglycerides, silicon dioxide.

Directions : Take by mouth, one capsule per 50lbs body weight 1 hour before exercise. For sustained sports, repeat every 2-3 hours. Take after exercise to help minimize soreness.


6 hours of uphill line progression training in Northern Cal Manzanita.


3 Capsules 5 minutes before hike in. The remainder 2 in trial pack at lunch.


Trying for first time, and felt noticible difference. Sportlegs’ boost of calcium and lactic acid transfer allowed for long duration uphill hiking and cutting line. Fatigue was delayed and didn’t come with 🔥burning sensation🔥

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