Voodoo Flossing: So much more than rehab


Two weeks ago I experienced catastrophic knee failure and couldn’t walk. As I’m still getting back into the swing of our cardio program, I have found Voodoo Flossing to be the #1 most beneficial aid to my healing.

A huge thanks goes out to Dr. Kelly Starrett for his excellent therapeutics and motivation.

Noticeable swelling (pre workout)
Noticeable swelling (pre workout)

How to Wrap


I have been utilizing a leg press to elevate my leg while wrapping. You’ll want to execute some squats while wrapped, however squats might be too much weight for an injury in its early stages or depending on severity. Regardless, start wrapping below affected joint or muscle, and proceed to wrap towards the heart. You want between 50% an 75% stretch in the band. Overlap band at least 1/2 in. as you go.
Voodoo Flossing Wrapped

It’s ok to put a second layer on once you’ve wrapped to desired height. If you have hair on your legs it might get ripped out. There are ways to wrap that will mitigate hair-loss such as keeping the bands and flat (unwrinkled) as possible.

Voodoo Flossing ROM

Go through some regular ranges of motion. I do 5-10 squats at a variety of speeds and intensity. Start slow, sometimes a wrap might not allow proper movement of your knee cap, so be aware that if what you’re doing hurts more, stop and try to re-wrap.

For more literature and detailed exercises by Dr. Kelly Starrett:

The True Test

Squat once before you wrap.


Squat after.

Once you feel the difference you’ll want to wrap every joint and muscle before and after working out! Beneficial in so many ways!

The Supple Leopard


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