Speed Rope: Low Impact Endurance Training

What’s a SPEED ROPE? Simply a JUMP ROPE, and as simple as it sounds, jumping rope is a great LOW IMPACT workout that reduces excessive wear on knees, when we know the possibility of going to the Klamath National Forest or Six Rivers National Forest is right around the corner. While strength training can increase muscle tone, it has been found that low to moderate, sustainable exercises such as walking, biking, or jumping rope are the best way to improve the quality of your cardiovascular system.

-How I Train –


200 revs pre-workout to achieve a solid full body warm up

(If you’re not interested in counting, just jump for a song. The average person does 80-120 revolutions per minute)

Then proceed to go about your normal workout, but throw in 200-500 revs (a song or two) worth of speed rope every 15 minutes until you leave the gym.

Habitual hopping will result in increased O2 in your blood allowing for optimum performance hiking into fires, or during PT.


Where to get them:



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