Pro-Deals for Firefighters


Its that time of year again, everyone should be getting their “Critical 80” refreshers out of the way and getting Red Cards issued. Something you may not know about your Red Card is that it’s your ticket to unlocking all kinds of Pro Deals. Many of us like to spend our free time outdoors and money on outdoor equipment, therefore we should be using these perks to optimize our fire checks!

Here is a list of deal that I have found:

IPA Collective

Expert Voice

Patagonia Pro

LEO Adventures

Skratch Labs (More info on your hydration needs)

Zealios High Performance Zinc Sunscreen Zealios Product Collection Wildland Firefighters Promo Code: Zup-FIREFIGHTER20 = 30% off all items (through Dec. 31st)

There are many more and as I find ’em I’ll continue to update this page, and continue to grow it as a resource for firefighters to get great deals on outdoor gear!

Feel free to leave other deals that you know of in the comments!


Sam Stout

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