Hydration + SkratchLabs Pro-Deal!

Day 13 on the Los Padres National Forest. Two weeks of 114 degrees had drained almost all of our canteens, cubees, and all hopes of hydration…

Working-out and eating healthy is a great place to start when preparing yourself for a hot, exhausting fire season. If you end up like we did in 2016, on the Los Padres National Forest, you’ll be needing something more too. I’ve thrown together a few links to some valuable information and products that are tried and true when coming to saving your bacon on the fire-line!


Elete Electrolyte Wildland Firefighter Study

Elete Electrolyte Add-In
Sometimes your body needs more than just water. Check out this link to learn more about proper hydration.

Skratch Labs Hydration Studies

Skratch Labs in Boulder, Colorado offer a bad ass line of hydration and energy products! They also offer a PRO DEAL and I strongly recommend firefighters to check it out! If you just want to try some of the products without sending them your quals (aka Red Card or Award Letter) then here are some links!



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